Home Run

Her throat cracked, her heart broken. They cheered and she smiled, for her emotions carried. Looking up she saw the home run wasn’t hers.


Face contorted and ink stained fingers. He whispers, write anything… everything. Next morning comes and it’s not that rubbish after all.

Call of the Phoenix

The burning sorrow turned her steel resolve malleable. But steel none the less. She turned their written vileness into creative beauty.

Off Center

She floated away when she lost sight of him. He was her center today, where gravity was supposed to be. Maybe tomorrow she’ll fill herself.

Lost Star

She starred at the impression that lingered, hoping sheer will could help. A star lay mocking her. She started to work on her nails again.


He drummed his fingers to an unknown beat. She tried to put it into words. She failed to capture it, but not to capture him.

endoftheworldgray said: Hey tus cuentos están súper buenos!

¡Gracias mil! Y lamento la tardanza, estaba en una especie de sabática. Espero retomarlos pronto.


His pupils were dilated due to the poor illumination. The anticipation of the hunt aroused him. The doors opened and he ran towards the TV.


She weaves in between them. He says he didn’t notice her come in. She replies that invisibility is her superpower. He chuckled, she didn’t.


The girl woke to her mother’s scream. Fear struck her and she ran across the hall. Terror filled her at the sight of her parents having sex.